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Mission: Pilot data in a space of time

Retrieval of digitized data from the client's environment: students, place, teacher, schedule, room, absent, present, imponderable etc ...

Implementation of a data intelligence analysis solution and creation of a processing algorithm capable of automating the work sequences of the employees of the institution according to the selection criteria of departure. This information is coupled to the customer's information system so that other operators can validate other parameters

Result: Real-time management of a public institution with over 3,500 students

Based on the observation that the majority of companies do not have the resources in-house to develop and automate their process:

The company Kronoscope was born.

Our Start-Up is a concentrate of "gray matter" and analytical skills in database (programming), our company of data intelligence proposes to you to improve your business processes and digitizing them (digital coding)


Information that circulates within and outside your company must be reliable, certified, available at all times.

To improve your performance, we analyze your operating mode in order to digitize its operation in an automated computer solution, processing thousands of data in real time. This information can then be exported to your Business Intelligence tools or to your Information System


Company of data intelligence and digitalization of the process of the information, we develop computer solutions in various languages: visual basic vba etc ... by automating your tasks, for a better productivity and a saving of time.

Our consulting department accompanies you and according to your needs we adapt our technology to your environment


How it work: Digitization & Data Intelligence


The digital transition is smooth, our company is in charge of transferring your processes by rewriting or coding them in a digital format able of being managed later in a centralized IT solution

Our solutions allow each department of your company to respond to its problems while helping other services. Thus, our solutions are called "collaborative" and allow, once the digitization is carried out, to restore in an IT Smart solution reliable information, accessible to all


Once the digitization has been carried out, all these data must be highlighted. It is the cohesion of these data that will enable you to achieve a result.

The combination of thousands of data related to your business is compiled, analyzed and rendered in real time. You access your data quickly and instantly. Automation allows immediate results on your screens and KPI

The Business Times

"A revolution in data processing"

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